Business’ Incentives for Adopting EV Chargers

Several businesses on the Big Island have adopted some form of electric vehicle charging stations. One of the primary reasons for these adopters is a parking compliance law issued by Hawaii government mandating that any business with at least 100 spots available in its lot is required to have an EV charging station in that lot. The actual Bill can be found here:

A more comprehensive list of the laws and incentives can be found here:

Therefore, large businesses, such as Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, Safeway etc. have reason to implement chargers for this reason. Take note, though, several of the charging stations established in these lots do not function due to either lack of maintenance or the actual presence of the company that initially installed it.

Rebate programs also exist for entities that purchase electric vehicles to be implemented on their property. The exact law describing this program can be found here:

This rebate program applies to Level and DC Fast Chargers, and to upgrades implemented on existing chargers.

There are many other specific laws and incentives surrounding the purchasing and incorporating of EVs into business operations, many of which can be found at the initial link (

Overall, businesses are encouraged to adopt EV chargers in order to comply with parking lot size laws, save money on these adoptions, and label themselves as a forward-thinking business that provides renewable energy options to the public.