Research: PV Façade System

Came across this PV system being implemented by Japan’s Kaneka and Taisei

It essentially integrates PV cells into vertical windows of buildings to enable the exterior of a building to power its interior. The “Multi Solar System” also provides heat shielding and thermal insulation. This is a type of solar powered-system that is integrated into a building instead of onto it, utilizing solar cell technology that achieves “26.63%” efficiency. If this is true, then it’s pretty remarkable- the top rated solar manufacturers in the world (SunPower, LG, REC Solar, CSUN, Solaria) provide panel efficiencies ranging from 20.5% to 22.8%. (link to source provided below).

The company at the head of this progress is Kaneka,, which started domestic sales of PV systems in 2000 and started selling large, see-through photovoltaic modules in 2002.