Research: EV Owners

Many sources I’ve looked at so far arrive at a consensus that EV owners are, generally, younger and wealthier than owners of hybrid vehicles. An article published by Forbes claims that 55% of EV owners are between the ages of 35-55, and make $175,000 or more annually. In comparison, 46% of Hybrid vehicele owners tend to be 56 years on average. This is good news for businesses who are having EV chargers installed in their parking lots/facilities, as it means they are attracting drivers with a large income. However, it is bad news for the EV industry, as it will have to innovate and wait until broader segments of society can afford their vehicles.

The link to the article mentioned above is here:

On another note, an article from the American Public Power Association sites data which implies that EVs will become more cost-effective in 2025 when sales are expected to take off. Presently, EV owners and businesses who have EV chargers on their properties can be considered “early adopters” for the time being. That article can be found here: