Hilo EV Charging

There are several EV Chargers scattered around Hilo, in locations such as Target, University of Hawaii- Hilo Campus, and a government building. We captured photos of all of them below.

Target has a unique set-up in that their Level 2 chargers are free to use for the first two hours, after which customers are to pay $2/ hour.

Level 2 EV charger available at Target in Hilo. The first two hours of charging are free. Some people park for two hours just to charge their cars, staying in their car for the duration.

Home Depot’s charger(s) have been out of service for the last two years, according to locals. It’s a great spot for a charger, as it’s a heavily-used lot. I’ve heard from locals that the company who provided the charger is definitley off-island, or might not be in business anymore.

The EV Chargers at Home Depot. Out of order for the last two years, according to residents.

The DC Fast charger in Hilo, located behind the HELCO building.

The DC Fast Charger in Hilo. Teslas require an adaptor to utilize it.

Below is a Level 2 Charger at the County Prosecutor’s Office- temporarily out of service.

Charger at the local Hawaii County Building. Not sure how long it’s been out of service for.

Below, a Level 1 charger at the University of Hawaii- Hilo Campus.

The EV Charger at the University in Hawaii- Hilo Campus. It must be a Level 1 or so.

Overall, there are a few well-placed chargers in Hilo, but it would be very useful to have more that are installed in larger lots around the Island.