Research: Amazon & Intel Renewable Actions

Both Amazon and Intel Corporation have announced plans to cut down on a majority of their fossil fuel emissions by 2030- Amazon aims to be 100% solar powered while Intel aspires to reduce its trash output and increase its recycling of water.

Amazon itself has a massive need for cloud services and data-mining, which require large amounts of energy- new solar-powered campuses are being installed in hopes of powering these.

Amazon is building completely solar-reliant facilities in China, Australia and the US.

Intel, a chip and microprocessor manufacturer, uses hundreds of gallons of water per chip produced. Because of this, Intel has committed to a plan that would return 100% of its used water to communities by 2025. Part of what will aid Intel in achieving this is a massive water recycling plant under construction in Hillsboro, Oregon: Overall, Intel’s conserved 60 billion gallons of water over the last 20 years (3 billion gallons per year).