Research: Jobs Through Renewable Innovation

Based on the 2019 US Energy and Employment Report, only 4.5% of the U.S’ workforce are into the renewable energy sectors (6.7 million out of 147 million).

An article from Solar Power World estimates that green stimulus could create 860,000 new jobs in the renewable sector. The stimulus mentioned consists of $99.2 Billion of federal spending.

The numbers are from an analysis conducted by E2 and E4theFuture.

This is not surprising, as renewable energy opportunities, in comparison with coal and other non-renewables, are phenomenally under-explored. This means that there’s more than enough work to be done for the next several generations of workers in renewable sectors. Whether its innovating, inventing, or doing maintenance… the employment opportunities are endless.

The analysis focused on the effects of funding three key areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency and grid modernization.

These three sectors were selected because of their proven track record of quick job creation during past economic stimulus programs

from Solar Power World

Energy efficiency entials how much energy is required for a process to work, and whether or not this amount of energy is practical. If the government were to invest their $99.2 Billion into renewable energy overall, this sector would see over 730,000 jobs added annually for 5 years, and over $51 Billion added to the national economy annually for 5 years.

Renewable energy includes solar-powered options, wind, hydro and geothermal energy. Given the stimulus, this sector would see over 50,000 jobs added annually for 5 years, and $7.6 Billion added annually to the national economy for 5 years.

Grid modernization oversees how energy grids are utilized overall. Increasingly modernized grids involve credits, with which energy users can store and return energy that they did use. The stimulus would add over 73,000 jobs annually for 5 years, and $7.2 Billion added annually to the national economy for 5 years.

Overall, there is massive potential and possibility that could arise from federal stimulus into the renewables sector. Our government would be wise to invest now and early to reap these benefits.