Update: Charger Status and Search

This is an update on GreeInvest’s progress thus far on its mission to make society more reliant on renewable energy through electric vehicle charging.

GreeInvest has made ample progress in its first year in business. Our first charger is stationed at the Park City Center mall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and this unit is seeing progressively higher numbers of unique drivers (individuals who do not regularly plug into the charger).

GreeInvest’s solar-powered EV Charger saw over 40 unique drivers last month, and is well on its way to surpassing that number this month.
EV ARC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, located in front of the Kohls at the Park City Center Mall.

GreeInvest is currently finalizing its contract with the Park City Center, and is reaching out to local businesses to find future partners and advertisers. In the next few years, GreeInvest aims to be ingrained in the local Lancaster community as a font of sustainability.

As CEO of GreeInvest, I’m currently in talks with an educational institution on the Big Island of Hawaii, who’s site could possibly host our next solar-powered EV Charger. I’m moving to New York City in the next two weeks to pursue business connections, and build a network that GreeInvest can grow through. Several conferences have been signed up for, at which I plan to meet new faces in the sustainable/renewable industry and find business mentors.