Update: Moved to New York City

I’ve officially moved to New York City and settled into a studio apartment, out of which I’ll be networking and building GreeInvest LLC.

Times Square feels like the heartbeat of NYC.

New York offers very close access to some of the most competitive business centers in the United States and the world, and will ultimately be a proving ground for this company. My goals for the next year (there is no set plan on how long I’ll be living here) are to generate a revenue for GreeInvest, and to build a network that enables the company to grow. Pair this ambition with the fact that I have zero contacts in the city as of now, it’s evident that my expectations are high and the pressure is significant- but I’m very happy that I’m taking this risk and making these moves for the company. If nothing else, it will be a terrific learning experience.

“From excitement and bold moves, great things often happen.”

Evan Williams, Twitter Co-Founder

Every week will include a train ride out to Lancaster, PA to see the charger, edit the display on the 55 inch screen and do basic upkeep and maintenance (clean rust and dirt off the ballast pad).

Each day I’m aiming to do company work for 8 hours, which will include networking, building material to distribute to potential advertising clients, researching, composing blog posts, and budgeting. It’s going to be a disciplined, fun ship for the next dozen months, and the smallness but also cleanness of the studio apartment and the intensity of this city act to bolster motivation. Everything moves so fast here, and there’s this buzzing energy in the air that gives the impression that something is always getting done- for one thing, New York is always under construction.

The EV ARC in Lancaster, PA. One individual asked me if it is fully solar powered (“yes”), and another asked me whether I would start charging by the hour now that it’s privately owned (“no”). Good to know it attracts attention and interest.

More updates soon- this will be fun. Cheers!

Michael Ryer, CEO of GreeInvest