GreeInvest, LLC to Deploy Sustainable EV Charging Station on the Big Island of Hawaii

GreeInvest, LLC, a Hawaii-based company, will deploy the first solar powered Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at Hawaii Community College (Hawaii CC), Manono Campus, in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

“The Big Island has a lot of avid EV owners who are frustrated with the lack of charging opportunities. After extensive research, I began working with BEAM Global, which manufactures solar-powered, portable EV chargers. Getting one of these chargers deployed on the Big Island became my goal and in April 2022, it will be a reality,” said GreeInvest CEO Michael Ryer.

The EV ARCTM was manufactured by BEAM Global, the leading provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging that is off-grid. It is completely powered by the sun via a 4.3 kW solar canopy and can provide up to 225 e-miles daily range, depending on local weather conditions. The device has a 21 x 10.6 ft canopy with a height of 15.3 ft. The unit sits on a base pad of 18 x 7.5 ft and weighs 12,500 lbs. The charger acquisition and transport to the Big Island was fully funded by GreeInvest.

GreeInvest, LLC will own and operate the EV ARC at Hawaii CC and provide free charging to EV owners on campus. This relationship between GreeInvest and Hawaii CC began with talks between GreeInvest LLC and the Hawaii CC Sustainability Committee over how sustainable charging options could be integrated onto the Hawaii CC campus. “Ideally, GreeInvest, LLC and Hawaii CC can together utilize the presence of the EV ARC to educate the community on what’s possible in terms of sustainable infrastructure” said Ryer.

GreeInvest, LLC was founded in 2020 on the principle of increasing society’s reliance on renewable energy through sustainable electric vehicle charging.