EV ARC’s First Week at Hawaii Community College

GreeInvest CEO and founder Michael Ryer speaking to the Hawaii Community College community about the capabilities of the EV ARC and what they can expect over the next year.

Warm Welcome

After an incredible welcome from the community, the EV ARC is officially here to serve local EV owners with 100% renewable charging.

A widget featuring the real-time power flow experienced by the EV ARC at 10am on Tuesday, April 19th 2022.

Sessions and Usage

  • the average session length is 56 minutes
  • almost 25 sessions in the last week and a half
  • almost 15 unique (or first-time) drivers

New Pricing Policy

The EV ARC will be free to use for two hours, after which it will charge $2 every hour. This is necessary to encourage a continuous flow of sessions, and to ensure that there is enough charge left in the battery for everyone who wishes to use the charger in a given day.

New Hours Policy

Given that the EV ARC requires sunlight to function, the device will be set to charge only between the hours of 7am and 6pm (HST) to ensure that the device can recuperate the kWh that it dispenses over the day. Leaving the charger open all through the night raises the risk that EV owners coming early in the morning will not be able to utilize the charger at all.