EV ARC’s First Month at Hawaii Community College

The EV ARC was deployed at Hawaii Community College on April 4th (2022). It is currently scheduled to stay at the college for a year.

The charger has seen over 50 sessions in the last 30 days, each lasting an average of one hour and seven minutes.

170 kWh was accumulated by the charger in the last month. Note that the initial two weeks that the EV ARC landed were largely cloudy, and this past week also saw heavy rainfall and cloud cover on the island. Despite this, the EV ARC only powered down to preserve battery life a handful of times.

Total revenue from the charger was $6, meaning that 3 total hours were charged above the 2 free hour limit. The pricing policy is working, ensuring long charging sessions do not drain the battery for others.

Next steps: another pricing policy may be enacted during very rainy months, where 1 hour will be free to charge. This would help ensure that the charger does not stay down in the rain, which could lead to degraded battery health in the long term.