Update: EV ARC Status (5/28/22)

The EV ARC at Hawaii Community College Campus is temporarily down (as of 5/13/22) due to the head and power plate being destroyed. This equipment is part of the ChargePoint module, and we are not certain what caused the damage.

Maintenance to get the EV ARC up and charging the local EVs in Hilo will occur in early April, as the replacement part is scheduled to ship on April 2nd, and will be repaired in the following few days.

As we handle this maintenance issue, the advantage of a charger in Hilo being operated by a Hawaii-based company is clear. In just under two weeks after a mechanical issue, we’ve confirmed the arrival date of the replacement parts.

Overall, the EV ARC has operated very well in Hilo, making us very excited for its future prospects. Over 50 charging sessions occur each month on average, just under half of these sessions are from unique drivers (first time users). Not only is the charger receiving heavy usage in normal conditions, but it attracts many EV owners to the parking lot it is placed in.

GreeInvest is currently in conversations addressing how to place more EV ARCs on the Big Island, and is also looking for the EV ARC’s next home.