EV ARC Performance: October 2022

The EV ARC had its most productive month yet again through October of 2022 at Hawaii

Community College. Some data to showcase usage of the charger is included below, along with

the change from the previous month in parenthesis:

● There were 88 individual charging sessions (+2)

● 18 of the sessions were from unique users (+1)

● The average sessions length is now 1 hour and 35 minutes (+4)

● 403 kWh were dispensed to local EV owners (+34)

○ Enough to power an EV from Hilo to Kona 15 times

○ Equivalent to 0.17 metric tons of CO2

○ In a gasoline-powered car, this trip would require 20 gallons of gasoline

This month had only a few interruptions in the EV ARC’s performance due to a drained battery

(which shuts off any time the voltage goes below 52 volts. Overall, every metric rose from

September, demonstrating that the EV ARC’s performance is consistent, and that it has become

a centerpiece in the charging habits of many local EV owners. As always, the GreeInvest team

is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Hilo community through its spot at Hawaii Community