EV ARC Performance Recap: 2022

November – December:

The EV ARC’s operations through the months of November and December were identical, with each month seeing 63 individual charging sessions and 20 unique drivers. These numbers were a decrease from October’s 80 individual sessions, which was to be expected as the weather becomes more rainy and cloudy.

Totals (2022 at Hawaii Community College):

Since its deployment at Hawaii Community College in April (2022), the EV ARC has:

  • charged 1,906 kWh worth of energy to local EV owners.
    • enough to power 71 trips between Hilo and Kona
  • hosted 507 individual sessions with local EV owners

The data on this list includes the months of May and June, during which the GreeInvest team was handling complex mechanical and repair issues that entailed shipping replacement parts in from California.

Condition & Maintenance:

Though the EV ARC experienced a month of mechanical issues shortly after deployment, it functioned very well as soon as it was brought back online from May 2022 to the present day. Due to heavy usage the battery was drained a handful of times each month, and there were a couple instances in which a hard reset was necessary to reset the charger. The plastic bracings holding the charger to its post suffered some cracks, likely due to wear and tear or mishandling. To address this issue, we’ve fastened the charger to its post with zip ties to prevent any damage to the charger and EVs utilizing its services. Apart from these easily fixable happenings, operations were overall uneventful and successful.

Goals for 2023:

Our goals moving forward are to make managing the EV ARC a self-sustaining business model. The GreeInvest team expresses gratitude to Hawaii Community College for providing a space for the charger.